360° art director, in every company that I work for I’m always in the role of creative. Bad or good? I haven’t understood it yet.

All what I think, I have to recreate.
I have a total mastery with all the graphic design softwares.
I want to create what I think.

Tell me one word, and I will put you on the first page.
SEO texts, keywords strategy and title.
Social Media texts positioning.

Analytics and development of the internet page to convert visits in leads.

Social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Content creation and custom fresh texts.

Create and organize events and all the communication before, during and after the event. The event intended as a 4P marketing mix product.

Development of merchandising material. I can develop all that you can touch with your hand.

Footage, editing and video post producing.

I was born as a musician, I evolve as modern music student, I evolve again and I start to record, to produce and put on air.